Breaking free of Broadcom

Broadcom’s CA Technologies acquisition means new priorities. 

What does this mean for you?

  1. Unsustainable year-on-year price increases (average 100-450 percent1 or more, based on customer feedback).
  2. Broadcom's bundling model means:
  • The price you pay is directly tied to all of the other solutions in your contract.1
  • We believe that means if you remove 9 out of 10 solutions, you may not save any money because the cost of the remaining solution will go up as you unwind the bundle.
  • You have a barrier to adopting best-of-breed solutions that accelerate digital transformation.

If your Broadcom contract is coming up for renewal, there’s a strong incentive to find an alternative. How do you make the switch successfully?

An IT manager at a large enterprise telecommunications services company says of BMC Software:

"Solid platform and solutions. Good experiences over two decades."

BMC Software Customer Satisfaction Survey

Breaking the Broadcom hold on your business: It’s about finding the right partners

As enterprises look for more flexible and cost-efficient solutions, the global demand for an alternative has increased dramatically since the Broadcom/CA Technologies acquisition.

  • BMC understands the challenge intimately. We’ve moved off of Broadcom/CA in our own business—and significantly reduced our costs in the process. That experience gave us first-hand knowledge of the benefits of becoming Broadcom-free and how best to achieve them for others.

Ask some questions:

  • What are your anticipated costs going forward?
  • What’s the future roadmap for your current Broadcom/CA products?
  • What’s the current support you are receiving for your Broadcom/CA solutions?

BMC’s unique total-solution response demonstrates our commitment to customers who don’t think there is a viable alternative to Broadcom/CA:

  • BMC’s major investment in key competencies, offerings, and intellectual capital, through the acquisition of Compuware and RSM Partners, in addition to innovation and further development of our existing portfolio.
  • A BMC-led vendor-consolidation approach, including Dell, Modern Systems, Unicom Global, McKinney Systems, and many others makes it simple for you.
  • The result is a forward-focused alternative to Broadcom/CA designed to comprehensively meet your current requirements while enabling digital transformation, automation, and self-service that fosters the autonomous digital enterprise, drives product innovation, and optimizes value for all customers, large and small.

BMC Software Customer Satisfaction Survey

Nearly 60% of customers surveyed identified the ability to improve business-critical application performance as an important requirement for making the switch from Broadcom to BMC.

The Power of BMC with Compuware

BMC Compuware provides an integrated DevOps toolchain with unparalleled mainframe operations management and agile application development and delivery. This strategic combination builds on the success of BMC Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI) and Compuware’s Topaz suite, ISPW technology, and classic product portfolios to modernize clients’ mainframe environments.

BMC Compuware enables automation and intelligent operations with agile development and delivery – empowering the next generation of mainframe developers and operations teams to excel when working with mainframe programming languages, applications, data, infrastructure, and security.

Forrester Research’s Chris Condo, Chris Gardner and Diego Lo Guidice had this to say about BMC’s acquisition of Compuware:

“Adding Compuware’s Topaz software development environment to the BMC portfolio is another step in the direction of targeting the enterprise developer. With Topaz, developers take a modern approach to building, testing, and deploying mainframe applications. This move should allow BMC to spread the word that modern tools matter for the mainframe engineer.”

Vendor Consolidation Approach

It’s a myth that you will need a lot of vendors to replace your Broadcom/CA products. This is just a sample of what BMC can do to make you Broadcom free.

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When it comes to migration away from Broadcom/CA, flexibility & expertise matter

It is easier than you think to migrate away from Broadcom/CA. These are the major challenges we think you might be worried about and how you can mitigate them with BMC:

Can BMC help us replace all our Broadcom/CA products?

BMC has extensive experience helping customers migrate away from Broadcom/CA that makes the process quite simple and dramatically limits any impact on your business. BMC leads and manages each project, providing you with one single point of contact to facilitate the transition. Our recent acquisitions expand our capabilities and demonstrate our commitment to our customers that want to break away from the significant limitations of Broadcom/CA.

Can we replace a single Broadcom/CA product, or do we have to replace all of them?

The choice is completely in your hands. You can replace one product, or you can replace them all, if you would like. If your goal is to modernize your IT, upgrading legacy CA products with industry-leading alternatives is mostly likely an imperative to you.

BMC’s objective is to assist you in reaching your strategic goals and there is more at stake than licensing and cost. BMC never locks you in like Broadcom/CA. Our vendor consolidation approach is inherently diverse, and we are adept at creating hybrid solutions.

How can BMC help to mitigate the difficulty and risk in replacing Broadcom/CA products?

It is important to look closely at the immediate and long-term benefits of replacing Broadcom/CA products. Gaining efficiency, productivity, and capabilities that drive digital transformation can create a compelling business case that outweighs any perceived business risk.

BMC’s extensive experience with Broadcom/CA migrations and proven best practices minimize risk. We are able to do a “run and replace” strategy with zero-downtime implementation for any solution component and can easily stage deployment with minimal disruption.

How flexible can BMC be with financing to support us during Broadcom/CA migration?

BMC understands that every financial situation is unique. We can be very flexible and will work with you every step of the way to plan, prioritize, and stage deployment around your specific financial requirements.

A recent BMC survey ranked the top saving customer requirements to make a switch from Broadcom/CA to BMC

BMC Software Customer Satisfaction Survey

BMC Mainframe Services

Why BMC for Professional Services?

1000+ product replacements

More than 20-years of experience

Complete project success

On time, on budget

Frictionless migration

Easy, automated process using state-of-the-art automation tools

Update employment skills

Address gaps in staff and expertise with training and on-demand resources

Preparing for a digital future: Is your Broadcom/CA solution stack able to get you there?

To fully realize digital innovation and transformation, you need solutions that let you run your business while you reinvent it by optimizing existing tools and processes. BMC solutions do that for you.

Customers are migrating from Broadcom/CA at an ever-increasing rate

BMC Software Customer Satisfaction Survey

These are the building blocks of the BMC portfolio that provide key core capabilities that can replace your existing Broadcom/CA solution stack:

  • Workload automation

  • Mainframe application development
  • Mainframe database management
  • Mainframe operations management
  • Mainframe security
  • Mainframe services by RSM Partners
  • IT operations management
  • IT service management

Workload Automation and Application Workflow Orchestration

Define, schedule, manage and monitor your application workflows with Control-M ensuring visibility, reliability, and improving SLAs.

Key BMC capabilities

  • Simplify and scale data pipelines
  • Embed in your DevOps toolchain with Jobs-as-Code
  • Deploy end-to-end application workflow orchestration on-premises or SaaS
  • Manage SLAs with predictive analytics
  • Orchestrate workflows any time, from anywhere on any device
  • Integrate internal and external file transfers in a single view with related application workflows

Questions to ask — can your solution:

  • Automate workflows across multi-cloud environments with a single point of control?

  • Automatically manage file transfers among multiple cloud-based and on-premises systems?
  • Automatically provision and allocate new resources in the cloud?
  • Run natively in the cloud or on-premises?

BMC Can Be Your Single Vendor for Mainframe Application Development, Data Management, Operations, and Security

App Dev / DevOps

Modernize and mainstream your mainframe application development

  • Improve mainframe code quality by introducing automated testing to shift-left quality checks

  • Modernize and connect mainframe application deployment processes to DevOps processes and tools
  • Reduce time-to-market for mainframe application changes with automation and productivity measurement

Questions to ask — can your solution:

  • Do your developers have an easy environment to leverage all development, testing & maintenance tools in one location?

  • Can your developers and testers, at all skill levels, test programs and subprograms immediately after updating code?
  • Do your developers and testers have access to a visual representation of code structure, logic, I/O & program trail?
  • Can your developers visually manage vast quantities of data objects, tune related data extracts to create optimal test data?

Support, secure and optimize your mainframe with managed and professional services delivered by a global team of experts with over 750 years of combined experience. 

Key Questions to Ask Mainframe Customers


  • Do you know your cost of unplanned downtime?

  • How do you detect performance slowdowns in your environment?
  • What do you do to prevent false alerts?
  • How quickly is your team able to isolate and identify performance problems within your z/OS environment?

Data Management:

  • Are you able to ensure 100% customer data availability with your current Db2 and IMS utilities?

  • Are your Database utilities increasing your MLC/TFP costs?
  • How are you managing your IMS Transaction Management (IMS/TM) environment?
  • To what point is the aging mainframe workforce impacting your ability to deliver service?


  • How would you know if someone gained unauthenticated access to your mainframe?

  • How would you know if someone elevated their privileges to access sensitive data?
  • Does your security team have real-time visibility into threat events on the mainframe?
  • Have you ever uncovered something from an audit of the mainframe?

Why Enterprises are Adopting Mainframe DevOps

  • Slow, inflexible development processes and practices, coupled with archaic tooling such as green screen terminals and manual, complex legacy mainframe SCMs, are prohibiting organizations from accelerating software development and delivery to meet the demands of digital business.
  • As experienced mainframe developers retire, organizations need a way to attract and retain new developers who are unfamiliar with the platform. Providing a preferred developer experience that includes modern development practices and tooling is key to enabling new talent to innovate on the mainframe. 
  • Stagnant cultures where teams operate in siloes are not tenable in the Digital Age. Mainframe staff need access to a cross-platform DevOps toolchain that includes mainframe focused tools. By working from a single toolchain, they can coordinate mainframe work with related activities in the enterprise’s web, distributed and cloud environments.

The Benefits of DevOps on the Mainframe

According to BMC’s 2020 Mainframe Survey, organizations that have implemented DevOps:

  • Named greater stability (37 percent), improved application quality (35 percent), security (35 percent), and 37 percent cited benefits in application deployment.

  • The survey participants also reported the effort has a quick reward: 74 percent of respondents that adopt DevOps report seeing ROI within one year or sooner

IT Service Management and IT Operations Management

Improving the performance, security, and cost of application and infrastructure services by leveraging intelligent operations, machine learning, advanced analytics, and big data technologies.

Key BMC capabilities

  • Capacity management, planning and optimization for virtual, physical, and big data environments

  • Cloud security and vulnerability management with automated remediation
  • Multi-cloud cost control within a single view, both current and forecasted
  • Integrated IT management including AIOps, event management, log analytics, and capacity management
  • Event management and service impact
  • Network performance monitoring through additional integration

Questions to ask — can your solution:

  • Deliver built-in security remediation for servers and network devices with operations and security views, all in a single tool?

  • Simulate migration of infrastructure resources and compare costs?
  • Detect spending anomalies with predictive analytics?
  • Provide intelligent workload placement to minimize cost?
  • Enable IT process automation, event analytics, and event management?
  • Automate closed-loop incident and service desk integration?

IT Service Management

Drive new levels of agility, productivity, and efficiency through digital automation and AI.

Key BMC capabilities

  • Intelligent persona-based UI for an improved user experience

  • Leverages IBM Watson’s leading AI/machine learning capabilities out of the box
  • Service visibility through discovery and dependence mapping
  • Seamless self-service across multi-cloud environments
  • Standard ITSM capabilities including incident, problem, change, and release management
  • Global ITSM and project portfolio management through federation partners

Questions to ask — can your solution:

  • Deliver an intelligent, user-centric experience across devices?

  • Broker tickets across IT and DevOps on any platform?
  • Embed cognitive capabilities to enable transformation from ITSM to CSM?

Continue the Conversation

There’s much more to discuss about how BMC can help you Break Free from Broadcom. To continue the conversation, contact your BMC representative.